When was Tivity Health founded?
Tivity Health, Inc. (then American Healthcorp) was founded in 1981 by five former executives from Hospital Affiliates International. The Company initially owned and managed hospitals.
When did Tivity Health become a public company?
The Company’s initial public offering was completed in 1991, and first traded on NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol AMHC.
Where does Tivity Health' stock trade?
We trade on the NASDAQ Global Stock Market under the symbol TVTY.
What is the Company’s stock CUSIP number?
Tivity Health’s CUSIP number is 422245100.
Can Tivity Health' stock be purchased directly from the Company?
No, stock cannot be purchased directly from Tivity Health, but it can be purchased through a broker or trading service.
When will Tivity Health' next earnings release occur?
Please see our Schedule of Events for earnings release dates and times.
Can I have news releases and other information sent to me?
All of the Tivity Health' information is available on this website. If you wish to have news releases sent to you via email, please click here.
Does Tivity Health pay dividends?
Although Tivity Health did declare a three-for-two stock split in late 1993, which was effected as a stock dividend, the Company has not paid a cash dividend on the common stock.
What is the Company's fiscal year?
Tivity Health fiscal year ends Dec 31.
Who is the Company's transfer agent?

P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940

(800) 622-6757 (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)
(781) 575-4735 (outside US)


How do I get a copy of my stock certificate?
Please contact our stock transfer agent, Computershare, at (800) 622-6757 or by email at web.queries@computershare.com.
Who is the Company's independent auditor?
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Nashville, Tennessee